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our goal and mission

With a proven history of successful placements at clientele nationwide, The Wellspring Group’s collective goal is to help our clients achieve their business objectives by hiring the best possible professionals to do the job right. Our mission is to deliver excellent recruitment experiences to the clients and professionals we serve. We understand the most complex requirements as well as the most complex people and are relentlessly focused on making your recruitment experience with us as un-complex as possible. We strive to only introduce our clients to quality, valued, vetted contract, contract-to-hire and direct hire professionals whose proven backgrounds, industry experience, motivators and work goals compliment and support your hiring needs technically, functionally and culturally.

dedicated support

Wellspring employs the technology, people and processes to consistently deliver resources with a level of maturity and precision that our clients expect. Our outcomes are planned, our progress is tracked, quality is measured, issues are identified, and risks are managed. We offer transparency and feedback that provides our clients with visibility into our progress and provides a mechanism to develop a shared understanding of issues, risks and objectives. The Wellspring Group is committed to bringing value to our clients and professionals we place. Our experienced teams are extremely responsive and easy to work with.

We’re not looking for just anyone, we are looking for you. Once you begin as a Wellspring Consultant, we provide support and are responsive throughout your entire experience.

we get IT

we take pride in supporting you all the way through

The Wellspring Group is a company of technology and recruitment professionals who possess a minimum of 10 years staffing experience and really get Information Technology (IT). We understand the industry and the importance of providing you with resources who can deliver anywhere from coding & development to actionable insights about your business while providing innovative solutions that help your team engage themselves more into your business. We collaborate to determine the desired end state goal, build a “Beyond Requirements” frameworks geared towards your specific domain with resources possessing your industry experience, and deliver talent that will provide the optimized end state you desire.

employee resolution

The Wellspring Group is 100% committed to our client’s satisfaction. We follow an open communication structure to follow up with our main point(s) of contact at the client site. Should any issues be present, we would escalate this to our management immediate and approach our client. Should there be a need to replace a consultant, we will immediately terminate the consultant, return any computers, peripherals, security badges and provide replacement resource resumes for backfill consideration.

capacity planning

Our ability to deliver results and handle the capacity of a significant amount of Task orders is based on the scalable model we’ve employed for over a decade. Real-time, agile database system operates in a flexible, low-phase process to search for and deliver qualified candidates. This allows for real time productivity, reduced overhead cost, increased innovation and a faster time to market. We use virtual collaboration tools, social media, and web conferencing to be virtually and physically boundary less in their pursuit of success.


As part of our dedicated account management process The Wellspring Group has a Dedicated Account Team Administrator for each client team. The Dedicated Account Team Administrator leads the process initiating the background check, getting all of the required documentation to the contractor, and ensuring the documents are reviewed, signed and returned. Once everything is complete and the checklist filled out, the file goes to the Senior Account Manager for a second review and sign off.