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our story

The Wellspring Group was founded in 2001 by Amy Dain Vincelette and Melissa Peirce.  Long-time business associates and friends that shared a vision for making a significant difference in the work lives of our clients and the professionals they placed.  They combined their talents for professional problem solving, strategic partnering, staffing and recruiting and made a home for The Wellspring Group in the space between hiring needs and job opportunities by providing client centric, consistent, reliable recruitment experiences. Almost 2 decades later their passion for making a difference became their mission and it is shared throughout their management team, recruiters and account managers to deliver excellent recruitment experiences to the clients and professionals they serve across all industries and platforms nationwide.

our talent

Our core values are our compass. They guide decisions, define what we believe, and how we interact with each other, our clients, and our talented professionals.

– Customer Centric
– Honesty
– Integrity
– Mutual Respect
– Teamwork

– Communication
– Selectivity
– Collaboration
– Productivity
– Quality

we do things differently

The Wellspring Group was founded in 2001 by Amy Dain and Melissa Peirce.  With Amy’s extensive experience strategically partnering with clients on Staffing and Project Solutions and Melissa’s years of experience as a Senior Technical Recruiter, they shared a vision for a company that could provide remarkable client and candidate experiences in the unremarkable, over-saturated world of staffing.  While fulfilling job requirements or finding the right job may be complex, lengthy and tedious, staffing doesn’t need to be.

Amy Dain Vincelette
Melissa Peirce
Jay Peirce
Brian Vincelette
our talent

The Wellspring Group connects you with diverse talent experts and enthusiasts who transform and evolve businesses.

our reputation is built on commitment

Wellspring is focused on delivering maximum value to our clients and fulfilling careers for our employees. Together, we have built strong business teams.

our success

We are only as successful as our clients are and we measure our efforts by each position we fill. Each professional we place is a new opportunity for us to help you achieve your goals. We work hard behind the scenes talking to each candidate we are considering and vetting, interviewing, and validating their credentials prior to introducing them to you for consideration in order to making the hiring process easier.

open communication

We build relationships with honesty, integrity and by being thoughtful and transparent in our approach. We are always reachable and available to deliver you appropriate candidates to consider within 12-24 hours.

aligning workforces

Wellspring aligns our workforce with delivering your workforce. We pay attention to every detail and execute on what you have specifically asked us for. We recognize this is the single most important thing that we can do, and our Founders and Managing Partners believe it is the responsibility of every single employee in our company to deliver. Amy and Melissa are actively involved participants in our organization and assemble the Dedicated Delivery Teams that support each client. Together, with our Director of Operations, they ensure that the Account Management, Recruitment and Operations practices complement each designated team’s recruitment efforts and that their strengths in direct recruiting, leveraging their well-established networks, vendor management, pipeline building and redeploying our talent are aligned with what our clients have trusted us to identify and deliver.

corporate citizenship and sustainability

To manage our carbon footprint, our company collectively and as individuals, uses less energy, wasted paper, gas, time, and global resources by providing virtual work spaces whenever possible. This positively reduces turnover, absenteeism, improves employee morale, offers a continuity of operations strategy, improves our ability to handle business across multiple time zones, and hastens our cultural adaptability. We use virtual collaboration tools, a customized CRM platform, web conferencing and Skype to allow for our recruiters, sales associates and consultants to be virtually and physically boundary less in their pursuit of success.